Rethinking Banking & Technology

RIDZUAN AZIZ, futurist

The Fintech Journey

Much of what will happen in the next twenty years is inevitable, driven by technological trends that are already in motion. In this fascinating journey, Ridzuan provides an optimistic roadmap for the future; showing how the changes in our lives—from virtual reality in the home to a cashless economy to artificial intelligence embedded in everything we touch. He speaks innovations in banking and how the pace of alteration is changing the dynamics of consumer and relationships with their banks.

These larger forces will completely revolutionise the way we live, shop, work, learn and communicate with each other. By understanding and embracing them, we will be prepared to stay on top of the coming wave of changes and bring forth maximum benefits. Ridzuan brought hopeful insights that will be crucial to anyone who pursues navigation on where their business or industry is heading and what to begin to put into place—as this new world emerges.

By partnering with fintech startups, banks will give their account holders the right measure of security & speed. Account holders can know that their money is safe, and they can enjoy the latest financial technology. This is the way to become a digital bank.

Chris Skinner

It's always about creating values

Ridzuan’s participation are always on in-depth research and insights from across the industry. Delivered with passion and enthusiasm, he has vast industry relationships to provide a unique perspective that nobody else can deliver.

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